Chronicle 2 of the Overthinker

I’m so tired of overextending myself but I don’t know how to stop!!!

I am always thinking that “If I can get through this or at least this I’ll be able to relax” but I never do. I always seem to find another commitment that requires attention.

Do all people have this problem or is it just my family of overachievers? My husband and my daughter are the only one’s who are able to make me “stop and smell the roses” or in Lil Bits’s case, much less appealing fragrances.

Sometimes things just catch up with me and I have a meltdown. Today was one of those days headed out of town with Lil’ Bit and my folks because hubby has to work the weekend. Today started off great then went steady downhill. My folks were slowly able to talk me down off of my emotional cliff as work (nurse guilt when you can’t go in when they call and ask), housework, finances from Christmas shopping, finals for school and the future planning of my week and a half that I have to be gone for school away from my baby all snowballed and threatened to push me over.

Why do these moment suddenly get to you? Is it the world events today, the sitting still for a few mins or what?


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