This is not a sad post

I actually started working on this a couple of days ago before the tragedies today. So it is entirely unrelated and not devastating like the news right now.

So after the Sunday of Suck, little sister and I took Lil Bit shopping for the remainder of her Christmas (She’s only a year old so she didn’t much notice). It was such a great and busy day. Japanese food, Target and groceries where I spent $113 for $223 worth of food. And mind you, we try to feed Lil’ Bit mostly organic and whole foodstuff.  No unfortunately all that savings did not come from Whole Paycheck Whole Foods as I don’t have one near me (it’s an hr away).

I coupon, but I’m not one of those get-everything-for-free-rearrange-my-house-to-store-it kinda folks. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch an episode of the couponing show on TLC. One episode is enough though, unless you like that sort of thing. Anyway I can highly recommend this site if you are interested.

Life seems much better at the moment, except Elmo is creepy as hell sometimes. Just sayin’.


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