Nothing Like A Good Hockey Game

After the hubs didn’t make it to family Christmas I was kind of down in the dumps. It didn’t help that other family members kept bringing up his lack of participation and brief appearance at the baby’s birthday party (another story).

Life has been so busy for us with my consistently chaotic schedule that we have started to have to schedule each other in. My husband is a pretty damn good man, don’t let the thing about the baby’s birthday party sway your opinion about that. The Moose is romantic, handy, tall, unfortunately he is also messy and disorganized. He’s screwed up a few times but he is a good Dad, a great cook and if he were perfect I’d be suspicious that he were gay…or an alien. The almost deal breaker is that he doesn’t love football. He tricked me is all I can say on the subject.

Anyway, my point being that I got to take Lil Bit to her first hockey game. I love ice hockey almost as much as I love football except that I’d rather watch football on TV and hockey in person. My enthusiasm must have rubbed off because a few minutes into the first period my Lil Bit was hollering “Go!! Go!!!”. By the end of the game she was yelling unintelligible baby talk at the players whenever they skated close to the goal on our side of the arena.


It was magic. And the Moose missed it.

I don’t know why this bothers me so much more than usual right now. I feel like life is so incredibly brief and it’s moments like these that become our memories we cherish the most down the road. I guess I’m one of those people that when something makes me really happy I want to share it–especially with those I care about most. This would be why I’m really bad at keeping birthday/Christmas  presents from the people they are for; I get entirely too excited.

What’s a moment you’ve had with your child that you wish your husband/wife/partner had shared?


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