Lil Bit’s Law & Mommy Guilt

I should be sleeping so that I can be somewhat functional at work tonight but nightshift no longer seems to agree with my system. Apparently my physical being has decided sleeping during the day is something it is not interested in–it would rather lay in bed and let my mind wonder aimlessly about varying topics, most of which seem unpleasant today.

I dropped the Lil Bit of with my sister a little while ago after we brought a ceremonial offering of Chick-fil-a chicken minis breakfast for watching her so the momma can nap before work tonight. What kind of bothers me is that Lil Bit is in the best mood today. She slept so well last night back in her own bed, having had the Daddy put her to sleep, with her Kermit (pronounced en francais “Kermie” a.k.a. a frog WubNub she chews on) and Snow White baby from her first visit to Disney. These are the necessary requirements for a goodnight’s sleep for my Lil Bit and the momma forget them when we went out of town. Shameful momma, shameful tired momma.

But the wonderful night she had led to a wonderful mood which she woke up in and played for a few hours until it was time to leave. This is why I’m awake now. My Lil Bit is is a good mood and I can’t spend the day with her. Lovely, lovely momma’s guilt which I am oh so accustomed with…

Well I’m off to try to get some sleep, one year and counting until I am finished with my NP and will be *hopefully* moving on– to a “normal” schedule job rather than long 12hr shifts. (Lately, these have been turning into 13-14 hr shifts due to the increase in the birth rate in our area, serious folks, you can tell the economy is crappy and that no on can afford to do anything else but…well you know. I said crass in the blog description, not lude).


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