Shooting, salad, and baking for Santa

Have I had an awesome day? You betcha! I got to cross something off my bucket list and it was even more awesome than I thought. I realize that guns are a bit of a sensitive issue right now and while I think semi-assault rifles and such are ridiculous, I do believe in learning to take care of and use a gun properly and safely. If you are feeling too sensitive on the issue at the moment please stop reading and wait for another post because this is not meant to offend anyone at all but to record a moment in our lives.

The Moose decided that he wanted us to have a hand gun for safety and that I should learn to use it. There have been some break-ins lately in our area and I think he is worried about his Lil Empress and Lil Bit. I have not wanted one in the house and have fought it for years but some folks we know had their home broken into and everything was stolen including Christmas presents. Well luckily no one was home but nonetheless this kind of lead me to waver on my fight only under the condition that we get a lock box and eventually a Biometrics case. The guy at the store taught me how to take care of it, hold it and some gun safety despite the fact that the store was slammed.

Well yesterday we went out shooting at a range and it was awesome. I was surprised at how well I did. Some bonding time with my two favorite men is something I am rarely able to have with everyone’s busy schedules and it was wonderful. I felt a little Laura Crofty by the time I left.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the Queen (my mom), Lil Bit and I baking our traditional goodies of which there are always too many. The other funny thing is that by the time we are through I have no desire to look at yet eat any chocolate covered anything.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday. Merry Christmas.

Edit: Sorry about the half-@– finish but I was typing on my phone and apparently unintentionally published this. Also by the time I’d got back around to it, it was Christmas eve so I no longer cared.


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