Superstitions Exist for A Reason

I should have known yesterday when I didn’t sleep well during my afternoon “nap” I take before I work a night shift.

I should have known better when I started my evening by almost accidentally pouring my coffee creamer into my salad wrap I was making for lunch.

I ought have realized when the day shift did their “jinxing” comments by saying “well it was a good day, you will have a good night”. Thank you for the gumball popeye.

It was truly a crapfest of crappie nights and I’ve seen some crazy, horrifying, heart-wrenching things (WordPress is telling me crapfest is not a word–it obviously has no experience being a nurse, then again it’s also telling me WordPress is not a word…) More often than not, days like this make you forget why you like, or even love your job and make you want to go quit and work at Walmart or better the library, where it’s quiet.

On top of this, I pretty much haven’t seen Lil’ Bit in 3 days for longer than an hour or two because of work and sleeping for work and Mommy/Daddy date night to go see Santa and when I get home from crapfest my MIL, who watches Lil’ Bit most of the time while I work, has already taken her to go get breakfast. The dam burst is all I can say. I tried to call my baby sister to come over because she’s home from school right now and couldn’t get a hold of her, then I tried my father who is my sage adviser and always seems to say the right thing but again no answer.

So like all festivals (which are synonyms for reasons to drink loads of alcohol) I’ve decided that my crapfest was worthy of a beer-for-breakfast, or some hard Irish cider and an effort at maintaining my sanity by being resourceful and blogging rather than sitting in a corner rocking back and forth crying like I was tempted to do.

Anyway hope your day is better than my night was…



P.S. How about after I published this post WordPress left me this quote :

“A great writer reveals the truth even when he or she does not wish to.” Tom Bissell

Thank you Tom, that made me feel slightly less crazy for publishing this. Slightly.

Worries of A First Time Mom and Chronic Overthinker

Ever look at your child and think “I made that lovely, beautiful creature and am so absolutely blessed to have her in my life ” and immediately have that thought be replaced by “Oh dear, please don’t let me fuck her up!”

Is it just the relative newness of being a parent or is it the fear we have from remembering the time our parents stepped in it?

For the most part I had a fairly conventional, happy childhood. In fact I remember mostly the good from it.

However I did end up with a broken jaw from an ATV accident at a very young age, I’m sure I ate and drink things I’d rather Lil’ Bit never look at much less put in her mouth. I guess what I’m really getting at is that I’m always wondering how much what I say, do and let her do are going to effect who she grows up to be.

And on a similar note, how much are the you-shouldn’t-let-your-child-do-things-like-that, extreme safety consciousness ideas our generation is  constantly using as a guideline in raising our own children taking away from who they could be? Are we raising wimps or worse, anxiety-ridden homebodies?

I really do wonder if my feeding Lil’ Bit mostly organic food, avoiding the word “no” and trying not to spank her little bottom when she misbehaves are hurting or helping.

What is the point of my pseudo-epiphany? I guess in the end all I can do is follow a constant piece of advice my mother gives me– “follow my heart”.

In the end in the event of worse case scenarios….she’ll have some REALLY good stories to tell….just hopefully not to her shrink.


L&D Antics

RN1: That baby is a 2 month old! A sumo wrestler.

RN2: How big is he?

RN3: He’s 11+lbs

RN2: How overdue was he?

RN1 & 2: He wasn’t.

RN3: Omg really? He looks like he can eat a whole McDonald’s happy meal

RN1: No a big mac

RN2: I think that’s what he’s been eating. He can probably eat a couple.

*Baby farts* All RNs laugh hysterically.

RN3: We are all going to hell….

Just another night on L&D.