Your Mama is not a Llama

So you know that point in your child’s life when they become a monkey? Mine has apparently reached this milestone. Not only is Lil Bit climbing all of the furniture but also all over me.


I know I’ve mentioned mother’s guilt before and how busy my schedule is but I think it may be beginning to get a little worse. This blog is my retreat from real life and journal to record Lil Bit’s moments and growth. I absolutely love my sweet girl. Until she was born I didn’t know it was possible to feel so incredibly proud and love someone so much who was able to spontaneously fill my heart with love and at the same time aggravate me to the point of pulling my hair out.

The llama above was in a petting portion of an animal safari thing we went to that Lil Bit loved. The whole weekend was one of the best we have had yet. Despite her driving me crazy at times, getting to watch her grow up and learning new things and experiencing things for the first time is truly my privilege. Christmas was one of those things this year.  Last year she was pretty new to this world but this year she toddled into the living room and her face lit up and her mouth formed that perfect little surprised “o” as she saw all of the presents Santa had left for her.  “Brrrmmmmmm” was her reaction to her pink princess quad that Santa left her as she climbed on and after we showed her where the button was she was off running her other presents over. It was both precious and hilarious as the poor cat ran away for dear life. There are so many things I can’t wait to do with her as she continues to grow. I hope I can continue to try to look on the positive and humorous side of things as this year moves forward. I think this is my new year’s resolution, to try to find the funny side of things this year.  I think last year’s was pretty well met as my simple resolution was to be happy, and I can surely say that snuggled up in the bed with the hubby and little one sleeping soundly THROUGH THE NIGHT in her crib, I ended my year happy and grateful.

What is your new year’s resolution?


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