Long time no see

I feel the need to apologize in advance but the need for professionalism in my everyday life in a relatively small town requires that I create a space such as this to throw my sarcasm, morbid sense of humor and general need to “remove my filter.”

Life has been unbelievably busy as I knew it would be and there have been a lot of positives which I will share later. For now, let me just say that approaching me with anything requiring any of the aforementioned or requiring any form of acceptance on my part would be the equivalent of kicking sand at a hissing rattlesnake. I’m tired, angry and hurt by varying things and have just been informed cheerfully by my unknowing husband that after working a 13 hr nightshift (I haven’t worked one in a couple months), didn’t sleep the day before of course because I’m out of the habit, that I must stay awake for the garage door to be fixed.
“They’ll be there by 11″ he says nonchalantly. ”
“%@&#*#& when am I going to get to sleep?!?” says me.

Moose: “I don’t know why you’re getting so upset at me for trying to get this fixed , I’m about to hang up on you.”

Me: “I am exhausted, I need to sleep. WTH you’re just like everyone else who doesn’t work nightshift and thinks people who do don’t have to sleep”


Now let me put this into perspective in a way I immediately texted him:

” How would you feel if you were already sore, tired and aggravated and going to bed and I called you at nine o’clock at night knowing you had to be up with Lil Bit at 1 am,  you didn’t sleep much had just got done working 12-13 hrs and I told you that you had to stay up until 11-12pm for the ducking garage door that shouldn’t even be broken. You’d have been meaner than me”

Did I also mention I work the next two Days (12hr shifts)?

Am I completely out of sorts here? I feel a little bit like I might be but I’m still @%#&#& angry.

P.S. I also now realize that this is the first post in awhile so I apologize for that also.


2 thoughts on “Long time no see

  1. Abbie says:

    Amen, Sista! No apology needed for being grouchy. You’re right about “day people” not understanding why you’re not charming after no sleep, a 12-hour work day and then NO SLEEP.

    • I really don’t think you can understand it if you’ve not lived the life. I also think you kind of forget after awhile. Like people who don’t have children. You just cannot comprehend. I know I didn’t until Lil Bit and she was very very much planned and wanted.

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