Anniversary and School

So hubby and I went out the other night to celebrate our wedding anniversary because I was set to work and he had a function for his part-time business on our ACTUAL anniversary. Life has been good but extremely busy for both of us and we haven’t gone out together in awhile so we were looking forward to the chance. We decided to go to one of our favorite Greek restaurants which, when we got there, had been bought and changed into a pizza place. So we ended up down the road at a little Thai place that was ok but somewhat disappointing. I enjoyed my time with the Moose but when it came to the evening I guess my super romantic husband kind of let me down a bit by not planning things out the way he normally does.

I still enjoyed our evening together but I hope we are able to have a do-over date and do something a little more special.

On a different note, school is great if not a little crazy. I am learning so much. The other day I got to do an excision biopsy and some electro cautery to a lesion. My assessment and differential diagnosis skills are improving and I’ve even seen a couple of patients on my own already. Excited next week about doing a punch biopsy and a couple of other new procedures. My preceptor is a dream, so good with her patients and with me. I never thought I’d like family practice as much as I do! Anyway, I will continue getting to do primary care until April when I start a Peds rotation. I may mention a couple of cool things I do here but will probably not get to specific for privacy reasons. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s day to everyone in case I don’t get to post until after.


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