Bad mom vs good nurse?

So you know when you’re one of those nurses who makes a horrible patient because although deep down mentally you’re afraid you have everything, you refuse to go to the office because you don’t want to be a hypochondriac, le invalid imaginaire, psychosomatic disorder patient? Ok well maybe you don’t know because you’re either A) Not a nurse or B) one of the above patients types. Then you take the aforementioned concept into motherhood and try to not be the new-parent, smart nurse but then you didn’t take you’re kid to the doctor because you were sure she just had a cold, but really she was pretty sick and now you feel like an ass a.k.a. crap mom? *suck in deep breath from your long, run-on sentence*

What makes it even worse is everybody looks at you from you’re professional standpoint like WTH didn’t she bring her sick kid to the doctor for some antibiotics? At least that’s what it feels like. And then you’re all like well I thought it was a cold and my crunchy granola graduate school has made me scared of antibiotic overuse and resistance! At least in my head.

Those not in a healthcare profession probably think that it means access to home healthcare and sometimes they’re right, but many times when it comes to your family members all that expensive knowledge goes right out the window.

Does anyone else out there have any “bad mom” stories?


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