Motivation and Mommy-time

So as you may recall, if you have been reading this blog, the Moose and I are on a health kick. We are working out, generally being more active, and eating healthy. Part of a problem with this for me is that I require that motivating person to get me going–once I start working out I’m great and get that adrenaline high. I have the same kind of thing when it comes to parties. I always get to a point right before where I don’t want to go, start thinking of other things I should do, complaining about social obligations, etc. Yet when I actually get there, I generally have an awesome time and talk about how I can’t wait to do it again immediately afterwards.

In addition to being healthy, looking and feeling better, I am also doing all of this because in a few more months I’ll be a nurse practitioner and responsible for others health and well being. How could I have any right to tell someone it’s necessary to eat better and exercise for their health if I won’t wear those same shoes?

I don’t want to be one of “those” people who annoy me so I won’t make suggestions to you, my fellow royalty, but I will say that at least for me the past four weeks of working out has led to me feeling less anxious and exhausted, happier…and somehow more organized with the rest of my life. Granted, all of this may be due to some “mommy time” as my own mother calls it. I am usually reluctant to take mommy time or well, we’ll call it Empress time, because I feel that school and work already consume so much of my time that should be spent with Lil Bit.

Don’t worry about the blog, this is usually part of wind-down Empress time spent with the Moose, who is generally researching something on the interwebz himself. And obviously from the long periods of time where there are no posts, I put my family first, school second, work third.


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