That delicious owww

So today was stretch x for P90X which is the only one I look forward to….but the one which burns fewer calories so that I can’t inhale a delicious burger without with less guilt.


Obviously I didn’t let that stop me (hey, hey judgy— I didn’t have fries) but I did plug it into MyFitnessPal or the asshole-that-tells-me-I-can’t-eat-anymore when I’m starving some days.

Oh a delicious evil hamburger…the very thing I went 14-15 years without eating prior to being pregnant with Lil Bit. Just like the taste aversions stuck around from the Era of All Day Sickness Morning Sickness, so did that particular food craving. It’s not like I eat the deliciousness with mayo or cheese or any other grossness…just ketchup. And I guess if a hamburger is what it takes to make me think past the burn, ache and fatigue then that’s alright, right????


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