Renewal and Reflection

Is it sad it took WordPress prodding me for a renewal to remember I’d had a blog for almost a year.

This was a doozy of a year, too.

My proud list of accomplishments:

-Graduated with my Master’s (which meant surviving clinicals and passing comps!)

-Became licensed and accredited

-Began my “dream job/career”

-Celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday


My not-so-proud accomplishments:

-waiting five months while finishing clinicals before getting my knee checked (quit working out and gaining 7 lbs can go here as well)

-getting my knee checked and 2 months of physical therapy on top of the new job

-spending less time with my family than I have at work/school/library/new work


All in all I’d say that I’ve been successful this year.  This post is brief because apparently I have started four others and I think I need to finish some of those with my few spare pre-bedtime alone time 🙂