I want Lil Bit to grow up, Not.

I keep finding the humor in life again….mostly due to Lil Bit.

My hubby and I were blessed enough to still be a awake for a baby monitor concert last night, vocals courtesy of Lil Bit, lyrics by Frozen (Disney) “Letitgo, Letitgo, let…it…goooooo!”

She loves to sing and I LOVE to listen. It may not be Beyoncé but The Lil Bit channel is my favorite.

She’s also started telling me stories, stringing sentences together. Last night I was privileged enough to hear one involving something to the degree of Mushu, the cat, treats, him needing water and a bath and her favorite thing “I want to do the NOT!” Everything she doesn’t want to do she says it in an affirmative way followed by not. As in ,”I want to go home, Not.”

She’s so wonderful, an extremely smart, beautiful, articulate little manipulator. Look out world…


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