Death, Guilt and the cure=Top Gear :)

I would just like to say that Robin Williams’ death has had way more of an effect on me than I thought it would, especially for someone I’ve never met. The thing is, I feel as though a part if my childhood is dead. And not just dead, but an unexpected, self-inflicted sort of dead. I haven’t been able to think of many films I watched when I was younger that I truly enjoyed that he was not a part of….I realize this is all a bit shallow considering the many other current events that are significantly more tragic in nature constantly but still felt it worth mentioning at least for myself to my future self, etc.

I guess I really don’t have to feel guilty about coming across as shallow or uncultured when I think about it, it’s my blog….

On another note I have roughly 12 or so unfinished posts going including part 2 of the cooking that will hopefully make it out soon but I’m watching the newly available (to us, here, at our house) series 21 of Top Gear and Hammond, May, and Clarkson require my presence….


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