An Expanded Volume of the Everyday Empress Encyclopedia: Physical Science Edition

So as it happens, I’m writing on here when I’d much rather be doing work…

I know, I know, what is wrong with me?? Well, as it happens I have a colossal amount of charting that needs to be done but apparently the system having a downtime was more important than my documentation.

The Moose has been working lots and lots of hours lately and the empress has been forgoing staying late at work to get charting done in order to pick up little one, get home, get household what-nots and the beastly chore of cooking done so that our schedule stays somewhat the same for Lil Bit and a very tired set of parents.

We say a very short blessing in our house at dinnertime and Lil Bit loves to say parts of it with you but tonight she actually said the blessing in its entirety–all by herself! She is growing up very quickly and her ever-expanding vocabulary is nearly staggering. Today alone she told her father that she had come to a “conclusion” and later, after we were coming home from the gym, proceeded to ask me what a “smooth, flat-top surface” was and when I explained it was like a table top or our floors at our house and opposite of a bumpy lumpy texture she said “oh”. I then tried a little more and said a ball rolls faster/easier on smooth flat-top surface than on a bumpy one and she said, “why it does that mommy?” All I could say was inertia. Lol, Everyday Empress Encyclopedia had reached its explanation limits at that time.

I both love and dread this aspect of being a mom as sometimes I have no idea how far to explain things or even how to explain them at all and I ABSOLUTELY HATE saying “just because”. So, I shall have to dig into the deep recesses of my gray matter and produce random, probably somewhat incorrect, recollections from grade school. Wish me luck! I think I’ll need it and Google….