The Not-So-Dirty Thirty (a.k.a. the Fairly Clean-Cut, Yupie Thirty)

Mother’s Day, Graduations and my 30th all in one weekend. Can we say yikes? Three days felt like 30 minutes.

I never thought I would mind turning 30; I was never THAT girl who thought thirty was “old” or that my life would be over. All that withstanding this Empress must admit that my BABY SISTER GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE THE DAY AFTER I TURN THIRTY is a bit much even for me. Seriously though universe, kind of an asshole move there. Just sayin’. On another note, I did get to see my friends who I rarely get to see as they live far away and they spent more time with us than my extended family.

My darling Lil Bit is becoming ever so grownup on a daily basis and this is not helping me to feel less my age. I think I’m having a 1/3 life crisis today. Lol. I feel like I need to do something new but I’m not sure what that is just yet. Maybe I need to start painting again or writing more but I feel like most minutes/hours are already filled with other tasks like dishes, laundry, caring for my three year old. Sometimes I wonder if life really is meant to be this busy or if all of this business is in the way of life…


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