Adventures in Fitness and Family

As some of you may know, my little sister–The Princess–just moved back home from college. She’s going to be a first grade teacher and apparently my personal gestapo trainer… Ok that’s a bit harsh, she’s more of a fitness buddy who’s way more fit than me and at one point in the last month or so literally half-pushed me down the road as we were running a 1.75 mile or so run as she’s screaming at me, “Just make it to the mailbox, you can do it” and I’m dying. Especially in GA. In the Summer. When you are in heat reminiscent of hell. When we got back home and she realized that I very well may have almost had a bit of heat stroke, she joined my gym with me (not because she necessarily loves me that much but because there are literally 3 choices near us and it’s the only decent one with classes anyway).

Since then fitness has become a little bit more fun as she started making me take some of the classes they offer alongside her and they are difficult but fun. Except spin class, because apparently some people do that shit for fun but that person is obviously not me. That was the only class I have regretted taking and I think one of the aforementioned crazy people can have that class.

Beyond all the talk of running in hell, getting fit and unforgivable spin bike seats, I’m extremely glad to have my sister back home. The Empress even went over to her new room and helped her scrub it down while Lil’ Bit ran in circles in the middle of the floor and helped us catch a lost little lizard. Anyways I wish her luck as she gets ready to start her first year as a teacher of tiny little minds and wish me luck in continuing my fitness journey.


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