A Real Oww

It always seems to be that whenever I begin a workout regimen, I always end up sick or injured? Well as fate would have it (she’s a bit bitchy sometimes isn’t she?) I met the Moose and Lil Bit at my sister-in-laws birthday party after work. I was tired and Lil Bit was too, but we stayed and played a few games, snacked a little and Lil Bit rearranged her PopPop’s movie collection once or twice before heading home. Well little did I know that while walking out the door towards my car, the two traitors know as my feet would decide to have a clumsy moment….down went the Empress and the Lil Bit.

Now Momma took the brunt of the fall as Mother Nature would have it, mommas are instilled with the instinct to protect our young. Somehow I had managed to wrangle my body around so that I fell on my right knee and arm instead of face first which would have been bad for Lil Bit as well. In the probably tenth of a second (felt like 10 minutes) it took to fall, I managed to semi-outstretch my right arm and now my shoulder, elbow and wrist are killing me. I get to go have an MRI of my shoulder….goodie (if you are someone who hasn’t had one before you get to be very still for 45 mins while a machine that could rip medal off of you clunk-clunks).

So wish me luck interwebz and tell me….what is the clumsiest or as I like to call it body-betrayal moment you have had?