A Gingerbread House

It’s funny how it’s always the small things at the center of a family implosion. Take, for instance, a gingerbread house–a fun, seasonal event bringing cheer and merriment, right? You’re wrong.

I’ll back up a few steps and say that yesterday was a pretty bad day and this morning wasn’t much better, however, I chose to not let that effect my day with my darling daughter…the first day in month that we’ve been able to have our Mondays with Mommy due to working extra; it is, after-all, sick season and I’m in the business of such….

I am left feeling so down after a very stupid fight with my own mother, her Highness, who is both one of my favorite and most frustrating family members. The fight was over, you’ve probably guessed it, a gingerbread house or rather the lack of building one as supposedly promised. Sigh.

So while left to stew in my bad-daughterness and the accusation of also being a bad mother who breaks promises to her child (I did not actually), I went on some other errands with my husband and child. Meanwhile, I found this on pinterest:


While I highly doubt anyone will find this to be a “good story” maybe someone else out there has to deal with the lovely guilt from their mother the way I do and can offer some suggestions, sympathy or both.

So I did what any good healthcare professional child would do following this fight, in which, I was berated in front of my child as was my husband, and told her Highness that Lil Bit could not come over again until she sought help for anger/inability-to-cope-with-stress issues. Maybe this was too harsh, especially with the holidays coming up, or maybe, just maybe I’m finally starting to find my footing as a mom and enough was just enough. I guess it remains to be seen. In the meantime, I’ve just been praying and trying not to wallow in self-loathing for potentially ruining the whole family’s Christmas.  Over a gingerbread house….


Picture of Gingerbread houses past