Good for the Soul Kinda Weekend

Friday ended up being a surprise date-night for hubby and I when I called to invite a friend and her daughter to dinner with us and she said yes but then called back and said that her hubby was getting off of work early and didn’t really want to go out so why didn’t she keep Lil Bit and let her play while we went out. This is probably something normal for most folks but we don’t go out much without Lil Bit despite the fact that we know we should. I think we have that duel-working-parents guilt so time not at work should be spent with our child.

Anyways, the stars continued to align and we made excellent timing to a restaurant that my husband had made a reservation which apparently ended up being pointless as we walked right on in, something usually unheard of on a Friday night. I guess the ran or threat of had held everyone off….

Then Saturday baby girl and I made excellent time to go to the local Farmer’s Market, got everything we came for, grass-fed, free-range milk, fresh goat cheese, handmade pastas, and Merlot salt. The weather, normally hot at the time of day we attended the market, was gorgeous. When we came home the rain came down, we spent a lovely evening with my husband, curled on the sofa watching old Disney movies and eating popcorn.

My good fortune continued when the rain had stopped the next day, the three of us headed to do some volunteer work for our local state park. Afterwards we headed to the beach where we thoroughly enjoyed all the beauty and relaxation that pre-tourist season and cloudy weather offer.


When we’d all had just a little too much sun and not enough food in our bellies, we drove back to civilization and enjoyed another quicker-than-normal meal, it started raining on the way back home but the rough weather held out until we were home and bathed. That night after hubby and I put Lil Bit to bed we heard the whippoorwill crank up outside and opened the backdoor to our own little serenade….I think we just all have to be grateful for small blessings like these. Those moments we hold onto in the weariness of days coming when it’s all we can do to make it through the work day, kick off our shoes and start cooking dinner, caring for kids and albeit crawling into bed. I hope it gets me through this work week before our family mini-vacay. Anyways, here’s hoping your weekend was a good.


Finding Ways to Love What I Do Despite Working-Mom Guilt

Recently I was asked by my new boss if I’d be willing to donate a few hours for local students to obtain sports physicals. I’d have to admit I had that short series of run-on thoughts: “Well-I’ve-never-done-it-before, this-place-wants-more-of-my-time?, how-unorganized-will-it-be?” I know these all sound negative but that’s not usually how I fly so my ultimate answer was “Sure, I’d be happy to.” After all it was for a good cause and my colleague had helped other schools where she had previously lived and thought it would be a good opportunity. I would never have guessed how much I truly enjoyed the experience. All of the staff and students were extremely grateful, I was back in my old high school which I didn’t even recognize (oh I forgot to mention that little aspect, didn’t I? 😉 and I’d have to say I’d do it again.

As I’m driving home from doing this extra 2 hours of work I’m both happy and satisfied with a feeling of accomplishment and goodwill but also feeling guilty because I know my 3 year old will be in bed when I get home and I’ll have missed our routine and listening to her say her prayers, reading No Roses For Harry for the 1 millionth time. Sometimes I think the universe really is well planned because I receive a text from a fellow NP and first time mommy who just recently had to place her little one in childcare. She’s struggling with the guilt of leaving her child, who is understandably having some trouble adjusting to her new schedule/environment, and knowing that she is facing these challenges and somewhat unhappy. Then my friend tells me that she was so upset and tearful at work today knowing that her child was having a bad day and I told her something that made me realize I should take my own advice more: I wish I could say that part gets easier but it doesn’t really–we just have to constantly remind ourselves that just demonstrating how we are hard-working, career women is giving our girls positive female role models. At least we hope!

And as all ways, we are doing the best we can.