My sketch(es) done for Day 3 of Inktober were not at all what I had in mind but I’m learning. These were also entirely done with sharpie but my exercise in futility for art will hopefully at least bring good posting habits.



So I definitely could use some tranquility this week but I’ve had to settle for a bubble bath with some lavender EO in there. Dr Teals is awesome BTW.

Inktober prompt two is tranquility and what I had in my head is definitely not on the paper lol.

☠️ Inktober

So I have not been posting like I should. I started a new job and between it and the kiddos I have just not been making the effort I should. I have even programmed an alarm to go off weekly for a blog post and yet here I am for the first time in months and months. So I’m going to show off my very crappy to mediocre artwork as I try to participate in Inktober where you are encouraged to draw daily. I am still making my polymer clay jewelry as well in the evenings when I have time so I will try my best to stick to this.

We have also traveled recently and both Little Bit and Lilo were so well behaved. I’m feeling very Disney homesick atm so when the first prompt was poison my mind went straight to the bottle of “poison” which was actually extract of llama. lol.

Told you I was not talented but there you have it. I was not being modest lol.

I’ll write about our little four day trip soon. I hope. Maybe.