Just Keep Rolling Along

Or as Dory says, “just keep swimming.”

My family could use a Disney day. We’ve had a death followed by a diagnosis of cancer, followed by a crammed schedule, followed by a scare with the Moose having a full day of heart palpitations and now today news that the Moose will be switching to nights next week. Don’t get me wrong, the money will be nice I just don’t look forward to not having help in the afternoon when clinicals are over or work is through and I have school work. Guess God didn’t feel I wasn’t challenged enough by our schedule.

On a good note I am awaiting an offer for my dream job after an interview the other day. So the rain *hopefully* has a rainbow coming soon 😉 if only I can get through this semester of school and clinicals.

I may regret this later but I surely look forward to a normal schedule.

I will return but for now it may be far and few between.


3 thoughts on “Just Keep Rolling Along

  1. stephanieliselamoureux says:

    I totally relate when it comes to a busy schedule and trying to maintain your blog posts. If you’re going to school, more power to you! Are you doing nursing? I recently received news of someone close to me in my family whom has lung cancer, which has taken a toll on us, so the best thing to do is prioritize and TAKE CARE of yourself and your loved ones first, blogging can come afterwards, the blog-sphere will always be here. Great Blog by the way, can’t wait to read more of your stuff!

    • Your comment kind of reminded me I had one. JK. Sort of. I am in school working on my Masters in Nursing. I will hopefully finish August/September and CAN NOT WAIT! I love school but life has been kicking me on and off the whole time and I have raging Mother’s guilt about being away from my daughter so much. I will get back to blogging ASAP; I find it stress relieving. Thanks for reading and see you around the blogosphere.

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