When All Else Fails Just Lob It

So the Moose and I have been on a health kick. I’m always a little bit of a a food Nazi when it comes to Lil Bit but we aren’t always that way for ourselves…til now. The Moose, who is no small guy to begin with, but very active and outdoorsy, is on a military diet/workout routine for a month. He is dropping lbs like crazy and looking wicked hot in the meantime. The short baby-pudge-carrying everyday Empress over here is using the MyFitness pal, starving, working out with the Moose (p90x) and tennis and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels getting nowhere.

I guess that’s not all true, I FEEL emotionally and physically great. I just don’t see any difference on the scale yet.

While I’m thinking about working out and all that jazz, let me just back up a bit and say that pre-nursing school, baby, and now graduate school I felt like I was in pretty decent shape. I played tennis in high school, ran occasionally, and at one point played some softball. The Moose and I met on the tennis courts. In fact that’s where his nickname came from because he was so tall and gangly he looked like a moose running to the net. Tennis was my first real love (haha pun sort of intended) and where I met my true love. However, tennis has been heavily neglected since I was about eleven weeks pregnant with little bit and fell backwards over my clumsy feet.

So now I find myself back on the courts, trying not to curse when I double fault four times and loose the game. Also trying to convince myself that one day graduate school will be over, Lil Bit will be older and I’ll have time to maybe play in a league again or something. Today we played and ran into our old high school coach. It was so good to see him; it also gave the Moose and I the fever to want to play more.

I really do feel as though I’m in a constant balancing act. I also feel somewhat out of control and I guess I’ll have to do what coach always told us to do when we needed to give ourselves time and get back to where we needed to be….just lob it. I’ll have to deal with what I can and put the rest in God’s hands. I never thought tennis rules would turn into metaphors for my life. C’est la vie.

Anyway, I have two small papers to write and an episode of a Korean drama I like…unfortunately I have to watch the subtitles. Hahaha


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