Ever Erratic Empress….

Two post in two days! Wow! 🙂

So you know those days when you spend more time with the children in the clinic than with your own child? Yup, been there done that again today. For some reason–let’s blame it on the gloomy weather–I’ve been riddled with mom-guilt today. Working in a smaller city that is hometown for my husband and semi-hometown to myself, I run into people that often ask how my family is doing and how big the baby is getting and such. While I do like this aspect of being a local primary care provider (one too many episodes of Doc Martin prior to and during graduate school) sometimes it makes me dreadfully homesick. You would think after 2 years I would be a little more used to the schedule but I’m not.

Something I will have been doing to help is to try to make sure I’m more present when I am with her. I want to hear what her little mind is thinking, how her day went. What sort of mischief she got into at Gigi’s house…all of those things. I’m also worried that if I don’t have as much time with her, what will I do if/when we have another child? I want another baby, most days that is. I don’t quite feel like our family is complete just yet. Am I the only person out there who is in debate with themselves most of the time about the majority of my life? Do other people find difficulty in achieving balance?

Regardless, what I’m aiming for is to at least get my house organized and decluttered, then maybe my mind will follow suit…


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